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Tabaco College
Private Non-Sectarian
Atty. Antonio Z. Biglaen - President
Address : 5 Tomas Cabeles Avenue, City of Tabaco, Albay 4511
Telephone : (052)487-5443
E-mail :
Year Established : 1982
Program Offering (s): Authority
Ph.D in Management not indicated
Master in Management G.P. No. 0051-0 s. 1994 - DRO
Master of Arts in Teaching G.R. No. H-0004 s. 1993 - DRO
Bachelor of Arts not indicated
Bachelor of Elementary Education G.R. No. H-0005 s. 1991 - DRO
Bachelor of Laws G.R. No. 16 s. 2001 - CRO
Bachelor of Secondary Education G.R. No. H-0006 s. 1991 - DRO
BS in Business Administration G.R. No. H-0028 s. 1986 - DRO
BS in Computer Science G.R. No. 37 s. 2001 - CRO
BS in Criminology G.R. No. 40 s. 2001 - CRO
BS in Nursing G.R. No. 17 s. 2005 - CRO
Associate in Computer Technology G.P. No. 37 Sec 4 s. 2001 - CRO
Two-Year Midwifery G.R. No. 13 s. 2005 - CRO
Six Months Automotive not indicated
Two-Year Architectural Technology G.P. No. NTR-05-04 s. 2001 - TES
Two-Year Certificate in Entrepreneural Management not indicated
Two-Year Certificate in Public Administration G.R. No. H-0033 s. 1985 - DRO
Two-Year Certificate in Retail Business Management G.P. No. 142-V-0 s. 1983 - DRO
Two-Year Certificate in Small Medium Scale Business Management G.R. No. H-0033 s. 1985 - DRO
Two-Year Certificate in Socio Economic Research G.P. No. 01-T-0 s. 1983 -
Two-Year Electrical Technology G.R. No. H-0027 s. 1986 - DRO
Two-Year in Computer Technician G.P. No. NTR-05-04 s. 2001 - TES
Two-Year Junior Secretarial Course G.P. No. 0008-R-1 s. 1986 - DRO
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